#MomLife Tuesday| I Figured Out How To Have It All!

#MomLife Tuesday| I Figured Out How To Have It All!

 Peace Queens,

A part of the new story I am telling myself, is "I have more than enough time accomplish all I am wanting to accomplish".

As a mom, I have had the beautiful experience of learning how to juggle my roles as mom, wife and Natural Hair Rockstar building multiple brands. This learning has involved setting routines in place so my life functions more seamlessly; as well as teaching my family how to be more independent. It hasn't happened over night; this has taken time since you can't very well teach a new born to change their own diaper (LOL). Learning how to juggle it all has included various steps, much trial and error as well as discipline. More to come on all these many steps!

In today's blog however, I share what I think, is the main secret to my success. To feeling like, "Yes! I finally figured out how to have it all! I finally figured out how to get it all done each day." And simply put, that secret is; Through learning to honor my unique journey and through taking the pressure of time off myself. By aligning with these two ideas, I have learned to juggle all my roles and responsibilities and still make progress towards goals and feel accomplished every day. 

The tricky part has been aligning with those two ideas. It goes against what I thought I knew, to honor my unique journey. In our social media age, it seems like the definition of success is very clear. It's plastered all over our timelines and feeds and that definition is productivity. What are you getting done each day? What can you show for your time? It has been a beautiful path for me to define success for myself and through defining it for myself I have found peace. 

I hope you enjoy the video. Can you relate? What do you think of these two ideas? Please share!

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