What To Do When You Can’t Fake It Anymore | 5 Tips To Bounce Back

What To Do When You Can’t Fake It Anymore | 5 Tips To Bounce Back

The following is a transparent look into the emotions many of us deal with...maybe daily. I normally try to keep these 'ungrateful' thoughts to myself. Yet, I hoped it would be helpful to pull the curtain back on these thoughts and feelings many moms are working through. That feeling of exhaustion. That fear of feeling like you’re trying so hard and getting nowhere.  That feeling of "what’s wrong with me that I’m not happy all the time like that supermom I follow on IG?". In this post I share the way my world looks through those tired eyes, and then share the steps I used to bounce back!

Hope it blesses you. You are not alone. 

What To Do When You Can’t Fake It Anymore

5 Tips To Bounce Back

Peace, Queens!

Sunshine here and ever since Mother’s Day I’ve either been “in a rut” or “tired of faking it”. From the moment I read the Mother’s Day card from my youngest son, which went on and on about “how much” I do for him and “ going out of my way” to make him happy, I’ve been sour.

Sour because it was true! I do “so much” for my family and I do “go out of my way” to make them happy. And a lot of it is done even when my personal gas tank is on "E".

Most days I force myself through the steps of the Millionaire MMOOMMs Club Manifesto just to distract myself from the feelings of dissatisfaction or feelings of failure.

And I hate feeling like that. I hate not “acknowledging my blessings” I hate being ungrateful. I hate that I’m not hopping up in the morning thrilled with the fact that I “get to” argue with children over whether they brushed their teeth or not. It actually bothers me that I’m not looking forward to organizing the laundry again and then watching it being disrespected and disregarded within minutes. I am annoyed with myself that I don’t have the energy to make miracles happen all day.

So I chastise myself for being ungrateful. And then I mentally hear the chastisement from the devil on my shoulder, chiming in “ there are people who can’t have kids” “there are people who wish they could be in your position.”

Yep! I bet there are. Heck, I know there are. I used to be one of them. I prayed for and dreamed of this life of mine. Which is why I beat myself up over not being overjoyed in having manifested it.

So, there. That’s the back story. I’m sitting here in my bed, dreading getting out of it because I don’t want to do any of the stuff that I “get to” do today. I feel like I’m in a rut or I’m just  tired of pretending I’m happy to do this stuff. And in true blogger fashion, I’m making content out of it and asking myself; What can I do? How can I bounce back and get back to presiding over the Millionaire MMOOMMs Club as soon as possible?

So here are my tips...

1. Don’t fight it.

It’s okay. Really. You’re a Millionaire MMOOMM. You’re a real, live, Super-Woman. You’re juggling a lot and making it look easy. But you’re also a human being. Rest and downtime are required. Feeling down or burned out is par for the course. Since you’re so motivated, chances are you wouldn’t stop unless something like this happened. So don’t sweat it! Don’t resist it. Don’t beat yourself up over not being extra motivated 100% of the time. It’s normal. Mantra: “There’s nothing wrong with me!”

2. Don’t blame anyone.

Including yourself. This is not a fault finding moment. There’s nothing wrong with you. There’s nothing wrong here. There’s nothing wrong! Therefore repeat the mantra, There’s nothing wrong with me. Also, extend some of that grace to all those in your organization (aka your family). It’s not their fault you love them so much and do so much for them. It’s not their fault you go so hard. It’s not their fault you make it look so easy. And it’s not your fault either. Don’t blame anyone for the rut.

3. Acknowledge where you are but stay out of the specifics. 

You’ve heard the saying, “the devil is in the details”? That applies here. Don’t get too detailed in acknowledging how you feel and where you are. Those details are like a minefield of quicksand. Either they will suck you in and keep you stuck or blow you up with anger. The details, when seen through the lense of “rut” and “exhaustion” are dangerous and not a true reflection of your life.  As I’ve sat in my rut these last three days I’ve tried very hard not to ruminate over my trigger points. Instead of thinking about how much of a failure I am for needing this time to sit still, I’ve replaced those thoughts with the mantra “There’s nothing wrong with me. There’s no one better than me.”

And even in my story up there I tried to be as general about things as possible. It’s important to acknowledge where you are in order to move through it. Yet, do not get so stuck in the details that you’re held hostage. The point is to be here for as long as you need to but not forever.

4. Rest.

This rut is your mind and body's way of asking for rest. You’re doing a lot. You’re moving with such intensity and drive that oftentimes the atmosphere can’t keep up; which leaves you feeling like a failure. When really, you’re just grinding at an astonishing pace. Now is the time to rest! 

You can’t motivate yourself to create? Things seem to be working against you? That’s the universe saying, “sit down”. Rest. Chill. Just be. You need this. It’s not a bad thing. It’s just a part of your journey. A part that Millionaire MMOOMMs like you try to push through  and avoid. But, it’s a necessary part. While in this rut, see it as a call to action! The action being to rest. 

5. Expect to feel better eventually.

Maybe not right this minute and perhaps not even by tomorrow, but eventually. This too shall pass. You won’t be stuck here forever. So don’t panic and worry. Just rest and follow the above mentioned steps and trust that soon you’ll be back to normal. 

But expect it! Expect that even though you’re feeling exhausted now, you will feel better eventually. This is not the death of your dreams. Nor is this the beginning of the end. There is nothing wrong with you and there is no one better than you. You’ll be back on top in no time!

I believe that! Here I am a week later and I do feel so much better after giving in to the need to rest. Check out the vlog!

Can you relate?

If yes, maybe you’re ready to check out a quick overview of the Millionaire MMOOMM’s Club Manifesto and cultivate the Millionaire MMOOMM Mindset here: https://millionairemmoommsclub.blogspot.com/2021/12/millionaire-mmoomm-mindset-2022.html


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  1. Hi Sunshine! I just watched your vlog version, and now I am here...this blog was everything I needed. I beat myself up soooooo bad for being exhausted. I am a single mom of three, ages 21, 14, and 4...so when i don't do things, things don't get done! I am an entrepreneur/seamstress with an online boutique, but I am on hiatus because i felt like I just can't handle life. I carry everything on my back and it gets to be too much, so I often crumble. You have encouraged me to give myself more grace and remember that I will feel better EVENTUALLY! Thank you for this, I hope that one day you can mentor a sista!

    1. Peace Queen!

      It's great to see you here in the comments AND in the CLUB!! Thank you! I am humbled that my words gave you permission to receive grace. Well deserved grace. Us moms do so much and make it look easy. SO easy that we can take ourselves for granted and then don't give ourselves the credit and rest we deserve. I'm glad I am not alone and neither are you. Let's stay connected and keep each other uplifted. And remember YOU WILL BOUNCE BACK!! Eventually.

      Also, be planning to attend a virtual Millionaire Moms Club Meet-Up soon.It'll be a time for communion and strategizing. Details coming soon!


As always, thanks for reading and commenting! I love the feedback.

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