Getting Ready For The Gym! This Is My Current Routine.

Getting Ready For The Gym! This Is My Current Routine.

Peace Queens!

Lately I’ve been obsessed with working my back. 

Exercising my back regularly has helped relieve lower back pain and has significantly improved my posture. 

In this vlog I shared why I stopped stepping on the scale and I talk about what exercises I do at the gym to strengthen my back and core. Below you’ll find the exercise and machines discussed in the video.

I’m so glad to share this with you!

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45 Degree Back Extensions

I begin my workouts with 4 sets of ten reps. Normally I do them without weights because body weight is enough to get a good workout.

Horizontal Back Extension 

Next,  I move on to this exercise. I also do 4 sets of ten reps. No weights. The great thing about both this and the Back Extensions is that in addition to working the back it also helps to firm the hamstrings and glutes. 

Lateral Pull Down

This is one of my absolute favorite exercises to work my back and also my shoulders. I do 4 sets of 12. I start with the lowest weight and then go up to the next and the next with each set. When I began working my back I spent all four sets at the same weight, as I got stronger I began increasing the weight.

Low Seated Row

This is one of my favorite back exercises! It works biceps, shoulders and lower back. What I love most is that it appears to target the area that houses love handles. I do 4 sets of 12. I start with the lowest weight and then go up to the next and the next with each set. When I began working my back I spent all four sets at the same weight, as I got stronger I began increasing the weight.

Roman Chair Leg Raises

This is my current favorite abs exercise. I do it in the middle of my workout. The goal is to do at least fifty leg raises with the ultimate goal being 100 reps! I split this large number of reps into a sets of 10-20. If it's a day that I am feeling strong, I will do sets of 20, if I'm not feeling motivated, I'll do sets of ten. In the very beginning I was only able to complete sets of eight reps. The key is building up strength and starting where it feels comfortable.

Intervals on The Stair Master

I love this machine for cardio. I feel like it really makes you work for your cardio minutes. I also feel like it helps to tone your legs and butt. This machine is my preferred choice of equipment when it comes to cardio. If I can't use this machine my next choice is intervals on the track and last choice is intervals on the treadmill. I set the time for 30 minutes and then alternate between going hard, like a level of 4-11 and then going slow, like a level 2-3. Usually I go fast one minute and slow two minutes andrepeat for a full 30 minutes. When I am feeling strong and motivated I'll go fast 2 minutes and slow one minute for 30 minutes. On a day where I want to take it easy and reserve my energy for something else, I'll do 30 minutes at a low speed like 4.


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  1. YES!! I am gonna try some of these things. Thank God, my apartment complex has a gym with all that equipment. Free access to a gym = no excuse, right? lol I just gotta motivate myself and get started. I really wanna strengthen my core...these babies did a number on me. Sheesh!

    1. I remember the gym in the apartment complex I used to live in... no one was ever there when I went so it felt like my private gym. I could play my music and not worry about feeling self conscious since no one was there looking at me.

      I do hope you’ll take advantage. Even if you just commit to go there once a week. Combined with your 30 mins of walking, you’ll start to feel good and maybe get addicted like me 😉

  2. Sunshine, I did this workout this morning. I enjoyed it, although I was only able to do 22 minutes of that cardio! I went too hard in the beginning and ran out os steam!! Tomorrow will be better.

    1. Go girl! You got this!

      Make sure you have some Tylenol or Ibuprofen on stand by. Sore muscles are no joke! Also, remember your protein. It’ll also help with sore muscles.

      Thanks for letting me know you did the workout. I’ll have to share my legs routine next.


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