June Events!

June Events!

 Peace Queens,

This June I am hoping to connect with you in more dynamic ways. Plan to spend a Saturday (or two) with me and let's develop our connection and hopefully inspire each other to new heights. 

Here is what's happening this month.

­čîčMillionaire Moms Club Meetings 
When: Saturday Mornings 
Where: Zoom 
Time: 10:00 am EST. 
Plan to attend!
This month we’re working through the first three steps in the Millionaire Moms Club Manifesto and focusing on Cultivating a Money Making Summer through Radical Follow Through.

­čîčNatural Hair Influencer Group 
When:Every third Saturday
Time: 11:30 am- 1:30pm EST
Click the link to RSVP!
Whether you want to grow your hair or your confidence, our Summer Growth Challenge is a safe space to set a goal, make a plan and then crush it… Together! 

­čîčNatural Hair Rockstar Workshop Pilot 
When: Saturday, June 25th
Where: Zoom
Time 11:00am EST 
Work through the steps to get your mind right as you begin your natural hair journey . Geared towards new and upcoming Naturals, this workshop is a safe place to work through the mental processes of making the decision to rock your Kinky-Curly-Afro. Crown.


Yep, you read that right! It's ready! The club we have all have been waiting for. The club we all want to be a part of. The place for likeminded moms who are headed in the same direction. That direction being the creation of our successful brands.

Millionaire Moms Club on Ning is an exclusive community for moms who want it all! A successful family. Health. And the time, energy and support to build their successful brands. 

Join the club!

Once you register you will have a free two week trial to determine if your participation in our club will be of value to you in the pursuit of your goals. 

  • Your monthly membership dues provide you access to our weekly, private meetings on Zoom; 
  • Unlimited access to our community on Ning. 
  • Access to Members Only, exclusive content from Network Creator, Sylvia Sunshine Abuwi on YouTube. 
  • Your membership makes the community more sustainable as we continue to grow and expand.

If you have already joined the Millionaire Moms Club spiritually and have been following along with us on YouTube, consider officially joining the club! 

Start your membership today! Pay your monthly fees and know that you are part of the expansion of this club.

Thank you for being here. We are stronger together!

Much Love,
Queen Sunshine


  1. Dope! I will definitely be getting involved. This is gonna be so exciting! Checking your blog has been part of my morning routine, because I don't wanna miss anything!

    1. Peace Queen! Happy Monday. Your comment just made my morning. I’m sitting here at Starbucks doing all the blog upkeep I wasn’t able to get done this weekend.

      I’m looking forward to exploring Zoom this summer. My next step is scheduling the events in Zoom then sharing the links.

      How is your Monday shaping up?

    2. My Monday has been great! Running errands, taking care of babies, did my nails. I didn't get my workout in...but...tomorrow!


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