Queen Culture 101: Loving My King. Loving The Gym. Loving The Word.

Queen Culture 101: Loving My King. Loving The Gym. Loving The Word.

 Peace Queens,

The day I recorded these videos, during my morning routine, the thought came to me...Queen Culture. As I thought about what I was doing with my daily vlogs, or better said, what my intentions were, the thought Queen Culture came into my mind. 

As Queens, every day we are learning to navigate the obstacles of Queendom building.

 That Queendom being our homes, our families and our very beings. 

In that spirit I recorded these vlogs.  I discuss loving my King through the act of loving myself. Building my relationship with my King is a huge part of building my Queendom. The strength of our relationship is a firm foundation on which I build my family. 

Then I discuss my love of the gym. Loving the gym is how I build the Queendom that is myself, my being, my physical temple. Without the foundation of a strong self, all my other work is in vain. Like I say in the Family First, Business Second, But Really Me First Plan, I can't be any good for any one if I am not here! Therefore my health has to be my top priority. To me, this is a basic of Queen Culture.

Then my camera started to fall (shaking my head). So I stopped recording and came back with part two of the video which is focused on my love of the Word of God. I read Ephesians chapter 1 and then reflect on cultivating a relationship with the Holy Spirit. 

For me, loving the word is a part of Queen Culture basics because we have to get our strength from somewhere. I get my strength to persevere from my faith. Faith that my goals are possible because of the One who placed them in my heart and then sealed  His promises to me through the gift of the Holy Spirit. 

Leave a comment! I would love to continue the conversations started in the videos. What are Queen Culture Basics for You?!?!?

Much Love,
Queen Sunshine


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  1. QUEEN CULTURE!!! Oh how I love that term! I was eating a cheeseburger in my car the other day and I said to myself, "Now would a queen put that into her body? Come on now sis!" and I said to myself, Jazz, you gotta do better! That is so on point. Caring for our families begins with caring for ourselves. Somedays its hard to see it, but I really do matter here! I'm not married yet, so this whole household runs ON MY BACK! So what am I to do if I'm not strong enough or well enough to carry it?? We can't have that. So, like you said, radical self care and radical follow thru. Thank you for posting this, Sunshine. This community is about to be huge! But even if you are only doing it for ME, keep going!

    1. Good Morning Queen! As always I LOVE this comment of yours. I appreciate how you take my words and apply them to your life. It’s validating the me. It’s also much adored feedback that makes it all worth it.

      Your lips to God’s ears with your prophecy of growth for this community. But you know what I’m learning and becoming at peace with... My work and effort IS successful it even if it touches one life! Your life and the subsequent lives you touch are worth it. My life and my children’s lives are worth it. They are worth me continuing to try.


As always, thanks for reading and commenting! I love the feedback.

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