Do you think the stars ask themselves, 'Who am I to shine so brightly?'

Do you think the stars ask themselves, 'Who am I to shine so brightly?'

I live in the mountains. At a very high altitude. At night when I go out to gaze at the stars they are very bright, and appear to be very close. The sky is usually littered with thousands of stars, all varying in size and brightness. Tonight as I sat out underneath them, I thought to myself, what if all a star was, was a person living in another world billions of light years away. And the fact that we can see them as stars from our planet is because each star is a person, who on their world, is living their best life. They are walking in their freedom, talents, gifts and uniqueness, "letting their lights shine", and as a result can be seen by us. We are just seeing their 'lights shining'.

What if there were billions of people in this other world just like here on Earth, but the hundreds or thousands of stars we see, represented only the thousands out of the billions who were actually living their lives in a way that caused their lights to shine brightly enough to be seen by us.

This would explain the the varying sizes and brightness of the stars. Some people would be creating big, bright lights with their lives and others smaller and less bright. While still, there would be billions of little sparks and flickers which either could only be seen every once in a while and some which would never be seen at all.

And it's not that they aren't there, their lights are simply not bright enough to be seen by us. The way they live their lives is such that no light or energy is emanating from them. They're living, but not their best possible lives. Perhaps they're just coasting through life, never even thinking of letting their light shine. They are simply surviving. Yes, they have lights and are capable of shining, but are unwilling. They'd rather leave the shining to other stars. Maybe they are the ones who do ask themselves, "Who am I to shine?"

So if this was true, then perhaps from their world, which is billions of lights years away, when they gaze into the sky at the stars, what they are actually looking at is the members of our planet who are choosing to let their lights shine.

Farfetched, maybe, but I wonder, if this was the case, would they see you?

As I pondered these thoughts more, I thought of some supporting evidence  for my star theory. Ever heard the song "This Little Light of Mine"? Ever wonder why the rich, famous, celebrities of our culture are called stars? We are just balls of energy aren't we? Is it really too far fetched to believe we are capable of being seen as light from a far enough distance?

So I have asked myself, could they see me? Am I living my life in such a way, creating such an energy that I'd be shining? And if yes, am I constantly shining or do I allow circumstances and people to keep me from shining at times. Am I utilizing all of the talents, gifts and uniqueness which makes me, me therefore shining as brightly as I can? Am I living my life in a way that creates and spreads energy thus making me a big bright star? Or, do I instead find myself content to watch others shine, not willing to put in the work required to let mine shine? Am I a star who constantly asks, "Who am I to shine?"

Sometimes I am guilty of not letting my light shine as brightly as it should. At times out of fear that my shining may be too much for dimmer lights I may come into contact with. Sometimes I wonder if my light offends others.

I believe we are all here to be the best we are capable of being. To shine and be stars. Able to be seen billions of light years away. Some of us shine boldly and bright, others of us enjoy the light of others. Some of us flicker in and out and some of us question whether or not we have the right to shine at all.

Which one are you?


  1. Oh, my!!! What a wonderful theory Sunshine...I love it! Is it even possible to shine as brightly as you can & not offend the dimmer lights? Though I like to think optimistic...I'm almost certain, at least one would take offense.
    I wish I lived out further away from the city lights, so I can take in the views of night sky. How cool!

  2. @ Marie- Thanks for going with me there with this theory, I am so glad you can appreciate it.

    And yes, you must take a little trip out to where you can see the stars. I used to live in Chicago, then I moved to South Carolina and was AMAZED at the stars. I had never seen anything like it in my city life. Then out here, it is even more amazing. I look out at the stars every night and I am blown away by what God has created.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. I love this theory! You are so right sometimes we have to just let our lights shine :)

  4. @Twix- Thanks for enjoying my crazy little theory! And don't forget..."let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!"

  5. When I started reading this I immediately thought of the beginning of the movie "What's Love Got to Do With It?" When little Annie Mae was singing "This Little Light of Mine" and got fussed at for signing so loudly. Kind of fitting for your theory...

  6. @JT I had that same scene in mind when I mentioned that song!

  7. I love this...I need to let my light shine always!!!

  8. Wowww Sunshine, you keep amazing me with your ideas and theories. You are so absolutely right on this one, we hve to let our light shine, NO MATTER WHAT!


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