Recommit to the Millionaire Moms Club Manifesto. My New "Why"!

Recommit to the Millionaire Moms Club Manifesto. My New "Why"!

Recommit to the Millionaire Moms Club Manifesto by remembering your Why! Why do you want to build your million dollar brand? What will it mean for you to begin earning easy, joyful and satisfying income? What will it mean to have your own money each month?

Peace Queens,

Let me tell you a story. 

Yesterday I was invited to join my two older sisters on a Fourth Of July trip to New Orleans. Immediately I was excited. We haven't seen each other in person since the summer of 2019 and a reunion is long overdue. 

I immediately began imagining boarding the plane with my family in tow. Arriving for the first time in the city of New Orleans, fulfilling the desires I’v held since seeing the film, The Princess And The Frog.  Coincidentally M and I had discussed our joint desire to visit New Orleans just a couple weeks ago. When the invitation was presented it seemed like destiny that we would all be reunited on this trip.

Over dinner I happily presented the invitation to M. I just knew he was going to be as excited as me. I just knew we were soon going to be searching for flights, talking to the boys about the upcoming reunion and adventure.  I just knew it!

His response, however, was “New Orleans?” stated  with a slight scowl. “What’s in New Orleans? Why they going there?”

I was puzzled by his response. "Remember we were just talking about  visiting the city?" I said. "I don’t know what made them choose that location, but it's an opportunity for us to spend time together. I'ts been so long.”

“Naw, the timing isn't right. We have so much going on? He countered.

“But I thought we were also planning to take vacation this summer?” I insisted.

“Yeah, but not New Orleans!” He laughed.

In the end, the decision was made that we would not be attending New Orleans. But that is only if M had to sponsor it. I didn't push the issue. After a little discussion about our plans and our family roadmap of success I agreed with him. It was not enough time for us to make the trip happen. 

But it made me feel like I wish I personally had disposable income to help take this spontaneous trip. I appreciate and value having a King and partner who is disciplined enough with our finances to keep us on a solid track. I appreciate knowing we are secure. I also would appreciate having streams of personal income that allow me to make some decisions as well. 

And that moment yesterday is my new why!

It's my new reason to commit to living the Millionaire Moms Club Manifesto every day. It’s why I am willing to push out of my comfort zones, wake up earlier and work more diligently. So I am able to earn an income while still keeping my family, and my health my main priority.

It would take a miracle (which I believe in) for me to earn enough money to finance this trip. With that in mind I am okay with not being able to make it. BUT, I want this to be the last time. I want to focus on my business so I am putting myself into financial position to have more leverage the next time an opportunity like this presents itself.

So what's your why? What's the reason you are going to stay focused this time? Leave a comment. I’d love to be a part of your recommitment to yourself.

Much Love,

Queen Sunshine

Check out today's video! In the beginning I share why I think today is the perfect day to recommit to yourself and your goals.

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Much Love,
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  1. I was laid off at the beginning of the pandemic. I am a single girl, and it has always been my dream to be a stay at home mom. I've been able to do it! With my savings, UI, and all the stimulus, I've been able to stay home and not miss a beat with my bills. I would like to keep this lifestyle. That's my why. Being able to care for my children and my home while still bringing in an income...also leaving something behind for them when im no longer here. Setting my babies up for success. That's my why.

    1. I like that!

      And I’m glad you’re living your dream right now. I’m rooting for you. 🥰

    2. I like that!

      And I’m glad you’re living your dream right now. I’m rooting for you. 🥰


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