Setting The Tone For Summer as a Millionaire MMOOMM

Setting The Tone For Summer as a Millionaire MMOOMM

Peace Queens,

Today is the first day of summer break for my two sons. I'm proud to announce I was prepared for today!

What do you mean you were prepared, Sunshine? 

Well, my old habits were to stay so laser focused on my work routine that I didn't take adequate time to prepare for upcoming changes. Or to be so worried about the upcoming changes that I procrastinated about making updates to my routine. The procrastination was caused by fear that I was not going to be able to maintain the same level of control of my time and therefore my productivity. Maybe even a little sadness or frustration because here I am again, losing momentum. 

But this time things were different. This time, I took the proper time in advance to Set The Tone For Summer.

Here is how I did it!

For the past two weeks I committed to radical self care and rested. 
A Lot!

I made sure to keep the last day of school as a date that stayed in the forefront of my mind. I kept talking to the boys about the last day of school, stayed caught up on paperwork coming from the school and helped the boys return books and prepare for all the fun, end-of-school-year-shenanigans.

Other than that, I rested. 

I gave myself permission to be less “productive” in my businesses. I understood and acknowledged the impact summer break was going to have on my schedule and therefore I began to slowly back away from the school year pace I had going.

Also, in preparation for the new demands that were going to be made on my patience, I rested my body. I took naps a couple days once the boys went to school. I went for long nature walks and spent time on the river just gazing at the water. This was all done to relax my system, relax my nerves and allow myself time to heal. 

I reduced my phone calls and other activities that I find draining. I spent my time doing things that made me feel strong and ready for a new challenge. I rested!


I Reminded Myself That I Chose This!

Being here for my family full time was my powerful choice. I chose to be hands on. I chose to be in this role as Queen Mother Sunshine. 




And therefore, it’s okay. Taking time away from business productivity to care for my children is not the end of my dreams. I can adapt! I can make a new schedule that still allows time for work. Perhaps less time, but summer break will not kill my momentum!

I Explored Options For Childcare and Camps (Empowering Action Work)

I have been learning about the options that are available. I have been thinking about ways to fill my boy's days. 



I Planned Business Events for The Entire Summer. In Advance!

I looked at the Summer as a Chunk of Time that I wanted to have a plan for. I asked myself; What would I like to accomplish by the end of this Chunk of Time? Then I thought about what I could realistically achieve. I asked; What can I actually do this summer that won’t make me feel overwhelmed? What work things can I do around my new role as Part Time Summer Camp Counselor? When will I have the most help with my children? What is the least amount of “work” I can do that will still leave me feeling accomplished at the end of this Chunk Of Time? And I planned accordingly.

In collaboration with the Natural Hair Influencer Group, we mapped out the schedule for the Summer Growth Challenge, being careful to schedule easy times in our Millionaire Mom lives. Piggybacking off that and inspired by the amazing benefit I received while participating in The Becoming Woman’s Saturday Morning prayers last summer, I scheduled the Millionaire Moms Club Meetings for Saturday mornings at 10:00 am.

Planning these business events in advance gives me something to look forward to each week. While grilling hot dogs and setting up the Slip And Slide I can look forward to talking shop with fellow Millionaire Moms each week. I can feel good about my Mom role because the MomBoss role isn’t going to be neglected. This plan also frees my mind to think about the next Chunk of Time which is Fall 2021. I can be intentional this summer about how I would like to prepare the atmosphere for September, October and November.

Feels empowered to enter the Summer this way. How did you set the tone for Summer? Leave feedback.

Feeling inspired?! It’s not too late to Set The Tone For Summer. 

Check out a quick overview of the processes and cultivate the Millionaire MMOOMM Mindset here: https://millionairemmoommsclub.blogspot.com/2021/12/millionaire-mmoomm-mindset-2022.html


And Join the Community on Meet-up.com


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  1. Any you know who is first in line!! Yes ma'am!! I am so happy to see this. Sunshine, you have come so far. I have watched you grow through motherhood and depression and MARY KAY and all kinds of things! I know it can be so daunting, but you're still here. I am so proud to see that whatever knocks you down, you get up and come back BETTER! I love you sis and I am honored to be a part of this movement and I can't wait to see where we grow from here!


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