Memorial Day Morning Vlog

Memorial Day Morning Vlog

 Peace, Queens

This Memorial Day was great for my family and I! 

This is the best pic of the day.

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And here is my Aldi Haul I was happy about! 

I am so impressed with myself when I remember to bring all my Fab Shopping bags. The green bags are insulated and I got them from my short stint as a Instacart Shopper. The other bags are from Burlington and have cute sayings. One says, "I saw it, I liked it, I bought it!" and the second one says, "Think Like A Woman, Act Like A Boss!"

Check out this  two and a half minute vlog, from that morning.

What did you do this Memorial Day? Leave a Comment! 

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Check Out this Vlog for details

Much Love,

Queen Sunshine


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  1. I did absolutely nothing for Memorial Day. I just stayed home with my babies and did housework and rested. However, my mom did barbecue, so she sent us food! I'm like you, I loooooove to grill! But I live in an apartment and I can't have a personal grill. Once I move into my house, IT IS ON!!!

    1. Hey Carla! Sounds like you had a good day. Nothing compares to a plate from mom😋 Thank you for interacting with me. I enjoy and appreciate the connection.

  2. I am a Surgical Tech in Labor and Delivery, I worked a 12 hour shift on Memorial Day. I whole baby was born during that time.

    1. That’s pretty cool! Thanks for sharing part of your world with me. I appreciate the connection.

    2. That’s pretty cool! Thanks for sharing part of your world with me. I appreciate the connection.


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