The “Family First, Business Second: But Really, Me First” Plan By Sylvia “Sunshine” Abuwi

The “Family First, Business Second: But Really, Me First” Plan By Sylvia “Sunshine” Abuwi

My dream is to live a long independent life, grow fabulously grey and be an asset to my family as our sons raise children of their own. Pretty much I want to be an Urban Nana. A super fit and active Nana who enjoys her grandkids. I also want to accomplish financial independence and abundance through work that satisfies my heart's calling. To reach my goal I follow a health plan affectionately called, The “Family First, Business Second, But Really, Me First!” Plan. 

But really, Me First Plan” because even though having a loving family is my main goal in life and having a successful career is second, I won’t be any good for anyone or anything if I’m in poor health or dead! This requires me to manage my physical, emotional and social health as my top priority! 

And before we start to feel unworthy of such a spot of importance, Stop(!) and understand it’s really a win-win because everyone on my list of priorities benefits from the Me First Plan”. My children get a front row seat to healthy living. I set myself up to be an excellent educational and professional role model and I increase my financial abundance and therefore my financial knowledge. 

The Me First Plan”is designed to cultivate healthy habits that lead to long term health and happiness. The Me First Plan” takes on a comprehensive approach to health and agrees with the American Heart Association who says, “along with eating right and being active, real health includes getting enough sleep, practicing mindfulness, managing stress, keeping mind and body fit and connecting socially”. The Me First Plan” therefore includes cooking healthful meals, incorporating exercise in ways that feel natural, managing sleep hygiene and practicing other healthy stress relief activities while aggressively pursuing educational and career goals.

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