Love letter to MYSELF!!!

Love letter to MYSELF!!!

One day as my husband was walking out the door on his way to work, I asked him to leave me with some encouraging words for the day. He muttered something like "You can do it!", and off he drove to work. As I came back into the house, I sat down and decided to write a motivational letter to myself. Something that would capture the spirit I was feeling that day and something that would be able to encourage me on a day when I needed it.

I decided to share it with you because it wasn't until very recently that I learned how to encourage myself. I am just now learning that I do not need anyone else to hold my hand and motivate me. I can do it for myself. 

There are times when I become burdened with self doubt or feel like a failure or like I do not measure up for whatever reason. In those moments, I do yearn to have someone encourage me, but there are times when there is no one. Just me. And in those moments, I have to learn to be there for myself.  Here is what I wrote that morning to motivate MYSELF and silence my inner critic!!!

Dear Sunshine,

You are very talented, creative and intelligent. You, with the help of God, have created a product line people love, a natural hair social network with close to 6, 000 members. You have a Youtube channel with over 4,500 subscribers. What an accomplishment! Be proud of that. Just think what more is ahead of you.

You have encouraged and motivated others. You have shared yourself in efforts that others would be able to learn from what you are learning.

You are confident, you have strong faith in the abilities the Lord has blessed you with. You are not perfect, but God isn't expecting perfection or even demanding perfection.

You have a mission and a purpose, and although Satan wants to distract you by whispering negative thoughts in your ear, HE IS DEFEATED! You have the power and authority to command him to flee and he will.

You can do it! You are brave and courageous and confident. Just keep learning.

Hold on tightly to your joy! No one has the power to steal it.

You are a victor. Take charge of your life. It's your right! God created you special and unique. Be who he created you to be.  Use what God has given you. It's all you need.

You are living a blessed and empowered life. Be the best you God allows you to be.  And don't forget, no more excuses. Call them out for the lies they are. Believe this and you are on your way!

Love, Sunshine

I would encourage you to write your own motivational love letter. Are you game?


  1. I think this is so awesome because I just posted a letter that I wrote to myself on my blog just yesterday :)

  2. i am definitely game!!!!!!!!!
    i feel like this letter of mine is very needed. What a brilliant idea.
    And oh you are so much more than you think you are.
    In my mind you have celebrity status. I only wish the world had more celebrities like you who speak and live wisely.
    you honestly inspire me so much
    (okay im starting to sound like a stalker so im gonna stop now lol. see you around sunshine!)

  3. @ Twix- I am going to have to come over and read your letter.

    @ Lydia- Wow! Thanks for the encouraging words.

    No you do not sound like a stalker, more like a person delivering a much needed and appreciated message of encouragement. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and read this. I hope you do take the time to write the letter. I have already had to read mine over for some much needed motivation.


As always, thanks for reading and commenting! I love the feedback.

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