The Vision | Peace Love & Sunshine Brand

The Vision | Peace Love & Sunshine Brand

I am a few days late with this, but allow me to share what is going on with Peace Love and Sunshine Products.

Where to begin?...

I guess I will start by saying; I am finally beginning to take my own advice. I have said a million times “If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you‘ve never done.”  And as it relates to my business, I want something I’ve never had!

When Peace Love and Sunshine Products was born, I did EVERYTHING. I ordered the ingredients, set up the Etsy shop, made the labels (by hand), formulated the products, whipped them, put it in  jars, slapped a label on them, answered all e-mails and questions concerning them, blogged about them, processed orders, gift wrapped each sold item, placed them in an envelope, took it to the post office, sent out tracking information . And handled any and every other little detail that went into providing over 700 items to customers all over the world. BY.MY.SELF.

As you can imagine, this led to burn out. Quickly! But, I saw in my business, the potential for the product line to expand, and the company to climb to new heights. However, with running the little business all alone, I never had time to actually do any of the growing or implement any new ideas I had. Because things started out more like a hobby, the only capital invested in Peace Love and Sunshine Products’ was money that came from our household. I never took payment for anything I did, yet, I gave Peace Love and Sunshine Products my all. All of my time was devoted to it.

The limited funds and a few mishaps with some shady suppliers caused the stores open dates and product availability to be a thrilling rollercoaster ride. I would open up, sell out, then have to close for reasons always related to limited funds, lack of man power and other things that are needed to successfully run a business. With each closing I would vow to take the appropriate time to truly turn Peace Love and Sunshine Products into a business and not just this hobby which was draining me and not compensating me at all. But, with each closing I would receive email after email from people begging and some even demanding that I open up and provide them with the products they had come to love so much. So even though I knew it wouldn’t be in the best interest of anyone involved to open right away, I would let the short term discomfort cause me to open. And with each opening, the reasons I had for not opening to begin with would inevitably cause me to close again.

Well, like I said, I am following my own advice! I believe that if you want something you’ve never had you MUST do something you’ve never done. So I am doing something I have never done. I am not opening Peace Love and Sunshine Products back up for business until it is actually a business. Not merely something that I do all the time, make no money from and burn out on. No.

So with that being said, I wish to share with you dear friend what it is that I want. My vision:

Peace Love and Sunshine is a brand that caters to the growing number of African American and multi- racial women who are “going natural”. When a woman decides to go natural, she finds herself lost and in need of education, support and new hair care products and styling aids. Peace Love and Sunshine Brand provides all that and more. We offer hair care solutions that are tailor made to the unique needs of naturals and we also provide the much needed support, education and information needed to make the “natural hair journey” successful and positive.

Our natural hair, product line, Peace Love and Sunshine Products provides styling aides made from ingredients proven to tame and manage kinky, curly, afro textured hair. Peace Love and Sunshine Products are simple, effective and affordable which is exactly what our customers are looking for. Peace Love and Sunshine Products addresses the main problems associated with natural, afro textured hair: sheen, moisture, and curl definition. Our products moisturize natural hair, make it soft and easier to manage while bringing out the natural curl pattern so many naturals are after.

Our website, NaturalSunshine.com is an online resource for women going natural. The site functions like Facebook and Myspace and is a place where thousands of African American and multi-racial women go for support, education, information and camaraderie.  Our site is user friendly and contains the content and contributions of well over 6,000 women. The pool of knowledge which is available to naturals through our website is vast! New members are sure to find a person, blog, discussion or group she can relate to.

Peace Love and Sunshine Brand has the mission of: educating more African American women on their option to go natural, providing complete resources to make their decision easier and more enjoyable, and providing hair care tools to satisfy their new maintenance and styling needs.

Our goals are to create such brand awareness that the moment a woman decides to go natural, she logs on to our website, Naturalsunshine.com, for information and support and is directed to Peace Love and Sunshine Products for the management tools she needs for her hair. Our goal is to create such brand awareness that when a woman thinks “natural, nappy, afro textured, kinky” hair, maintenance and support, she thinks NaturalSunshine.com. When she thinks Shea butter, which is the staple hair product among natural women, she thinks Sunshine, Peace Love and Sunshine Products that is.

Peace Love and Sunshine brand nurtures the entire natural hair experience by providing hair care products Natural’s need as well as the education and support they crave.

With this as my vision for Peace Love and Sunshine, I cannot go on the way I have been. My desire is to build a successful, lucrative company that employs many and brings Sunshine into the lives of all those whom we touch. Our goals for this calendar year include, completing our full product line, opening a brick and mortar store in the low country and moving into our own website.

So what does all this mean for you? All of you who have come to love Peace Love and Sunshine Products and  need your Cutie Juice Cocktail and Coconut Confidence? Well, let’s compromise. Just like you, I cannot live without my Sunshine and Coconut Confidence. It is a part of my hair and skin care regimen every day and I cannot imagine having to go without it. I don’t want you to have that experience either. So we are making items available via our Peace Love and Sunshine Products blog. Please follow that blog to stay current on our progress and to find out how to get the items you are in need of.

Right now our main priority is working on our business structure, getting business loans, investors and doing things properly. So for my friends, I will still share the products, but please understand that at this point if you make a purchase from us, we are doing business as friends. You love the products, I love you and therefore instead of making you wait any longer, I will make the items available to you.  God blessed me with the inspiration and desire to create Peace Love and Sunshine Products, and I want to use this gift and share it with those of you who have enjoyed them thus far. However, God has also blessed me with a vision, and in following through on the vision, we are simply not in the position to just “do business” at this time.  To reach our full potential there are many things we still have to get in order, and we are taking as much time is needed to do so.

So my friends, if you just want your girl, Sunshine, to whip up some of those items you love, let us know! For more information, visit the blog, where you can find out what we have available and how to make your purchase.

For those of you who are interested in supporting me in my endeavors, if you believe in what my brand stands for or have never tried our products and want to give them a try, consider participating in our upcoming “Share the Love!” fundraiser which is happening around Valentine’s Day.

As much as it saddens me not to be able to fully open up right now, trust me, this is what is best for everyone involved. I love you enough to say that you deserve better than what I am capable of doing with my current resources. Peace Love and Sunshine Products aims to be one of the top 5 natural hair care companies on the market. Help us get there, with your prayers, your purchases or your participation in the fundraiser.

Thank you, dear friend for all of your support.
“Sunshine” Abuwi
President, Peace Love and Sunshine

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  1. As a business owner, Sunshine, I can completely relate, to everything you did in "In the Beginning." When the vision seems doable, and you rolled your sleeves up and begin to live it, only you somehow become a jack of all trades, when the real foundation hasn't even begun to be laid. Your blessed that you discovered this early because now the real work can begin. Me, I got too far into it to pull back, so I'm having to do what your doing now, and it's hard!

    Anyway, I wanted to give you a book suggestion and it's called Getting Business To Come To You, by Paul and Sarah Edwards, Second Edition. It's Bible size, packed full of the word, relating to doing business the right way. I just started reading it. Hope you find something in it that can help you.

    Following your journey.

    wedding and event planner and
    tuxedos,linens and bridal store owner.


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