It's Christmas Eve and Instead of Cooking I Feel Like Blogging!

It's Christmas Eve and Instead of Cooking I Feel Like Blogging!

Call it the perfect excuse to not be in the kitchen or just a long over due blogging session, whatever it is, it sure feels good!

I love blogging and I can't believe I stayed away so long. Why did I disappear? So many reasons...but mainly, this year 2011 I was really confused about what my purpose was on the internet. I battled with myself over who Sunshine is. I compared myself with others, wanted to do what they were doing. I pushed myself to get bigger and better and do more and be more professional. Only for all of that to blow up leave me here. Writing this.

Am I 100% sure what I am supposed to be dong on the internet now? Am I totally convinced I know who Sunshine is now? Nope. Not at all. All I do know is, I am taking it back to the beginning. Back to when I didn't question who Sunshine was, when I just was Sunshine. Back to when I blogged because I wanted to when I blogged because I wanted to share myself with others. Back to when all of this was fun.

Back to the beginning! Feels good to be back!

I go into more depth in these twoYoutube videos. Check them out if you want.

Perfection isn't Required. & Taking Back What the Devil Stole & Walking in my Calling in 2012!!

Merry Christmas Eve!


  1. Instead of playing the dancing video game with the family, I'm reading blogs. LOL

    YAY!!! Glad you are back;)

    Off to play a game I've never heard of..."Chicken Foot"!

    Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Chicken Foot?!?!? Sounds....interesting! Merry Christmas Marie!

  3. It's a very fun & very addictive game played with dominos. Can't wait to play it with my side of the family, when we return home!


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