Much Needed Spa Night

Much Needed Spa Night

Taking time out for myself makes me better for those who depend on me. Making time for myself needs to remain a priority. Tonight I had a nice spa night. I soaked in a hot bath with Ahava dead sea salts and a moisturizing milk bath foam.While soaking I read some encouragement from Joyce Meyers on the topic of how going into new territory will require discomfort.

As discouraging as that sounds, I needed to read that. I spent some time thinking about all the obstacles Joyce had to surmount to get to where she is today. I allowed the reality of her testimony to sink further into my understanding. Just thinking of her testimony got me pumped. I thought about a difficult situation I dealt with today and I prayed about it and released it to God.

I soaked a little longer. Oh! I forgot to mention I was simultaneously giving myself a facial as well. Prior to getting in the tub I applied a dead sea salt face mask. Oh! AND I was also  deep conditioning and steaming my hair as well. I washed my hair before getting in the bath tub, after washing I applied conditioner and coconut oil and placed a plastic cap on my head.

Basically I was giving myself a nice week night treatment. The bath salt had a very soothing scent (Candied Date) which added an aroma therapy aspect to the evening. After my bath I manicured my eyebrows and moisturized my skin. I was very pleased with the results of everything.

My face looked refreshed. My hair was super soft and shiny. My skin was soft and hydrated. My mind was much calmer after the spa night than it was before it. I was able to sit on the couch and read Dimeji a story. I was so much  more attentive and focused on him than I was before I locked myself in the bathroom.

Tonight reminded me of the importance of me time. It aids in keeping me balanced, it enables me to be my best for others and not to mention, all this pampering keeps me looking my best as well. I think I'm gonna make a weekly date with myself. Next week I'm having dinner at a nice restaurant with one of my sisters (baby free). Does that count or do I still need a mini spa night too?

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