Mother's Day 2012 My Men Spoiled Me!

Mother's Day 2012 My Men Spoiled Me!

Yesterday I celebrated my third official mothers day, and if my memory saves me correctly, it was my best mother's day so far.

Shea baby gave me his first mother's day present ever! It's a little, hand painted, flower pot. He made it at school and I will cherish it for the rest of my life (if it survives the upcoming relocations). I just love it! I was presented with it on Friday afternoon. Shea baby himself sat on the couch watching Wonder Pets while M presented it. I get the feeling, Dimeji wasn't as excited about giving it as I was about receiving it. Maybe next year he'll care.

Sunday was great although it got off to a rocky start!

Clearly, M and I had a minor glitch in our communication surrounding the schedule of events for the day. I always attend church, with or without him. We are both okay with that. YesterdayI needed to get to church early  to put up some flyers for an event I am hostessing. I told M I wanted to arrive early and suggested we  just attend the first service and get our day started earlier. He wasn't too thrilled about us all being up and out so early, so I said, "How about, I go put up the flyers, and then come back home." He said ok.

I walked away from that thinking, "After I come back home, we can all get ready and attend the second serves as usual." He walked away thinking, "After she comes home, we can all get dressed and get mother's day started. Skip church."

So when I got home, he was shocked that I was getting ready for service. I was shocked that he was washing dishes. This could have been the beginning of the unravelling of the day...

I quickly explained what I thought had happened (differing interpretations of the conversation) and I asked for his blessing in attending service alone. He could finish cleaning the kitchen, take his time getting ready and also take his time getting Dimeji ready. He agreed! Crisis averted.

After service, we all piled into the car and headed to Palm Desert where we had dinner at Outback Steak House. We were all very hungry so there was very little dinner discussion taking place as you can see here;

Our meal was delicious, and in honor of the special day, we pigged out on dessert which we normally skip!

After that we went on a little shopping spree in honor of yours truly. This is what I was blessed with.

"Much needed sandals, 6 pairs of new earrings, Not Fragrance from Victoria's Secret, & Leopard Print Jumper (coming to an OOTD soon!)

My memorable quotes from M re: Mother's Day 2012 were;

1) M suggested we attempt to see if Dimeji would sit through Avengers (the movie), I said, "But it's mothers day(meaning I don't want to see a movie today!)" M replied,

"Mother's day is over as soon as we leave this restaurant!"

2) This morning after he had already left for work; he called me and said;

"I forgot to say this yesterday, but I am very happy you are the mother of my child and I very happy to be married to you. You are a great mother! I love you!" <<<<< The icing on the Mother's day cake!

How was your Mother's Day 2012?


  1. sighhhh. Beautiful. The last statement made me forget all that you said happened that day.
    Trust me, many married moms do not hear that at all.

    1. Trust me, I know how to count my blessings twice :-) And that is main reason I even posted this because I for one want to remember and cherish precious moment and statements like this one. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  2. Shea Baby definitely has some art skills! :D

    i don't know too many kids who can design so well

    1. I am sure he had a lot of help from the teachers in his class though :-)

  3. Awesome awesome! Thanks for sharing. Love all the earrings and outfit! That was sweet of M.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! And I am enjoying my earrings tremendously!

  4. Enjoy those moments spent with your family...And the second quote was very sweet, but I could actually hear M saying the first quote as if it were one of your "On The Couch" episodes..:)

  5. Awww! Happy belated mother's day!! I love M's "Mother's Day is over when we leave this restaraunt" lmbo sounds like something my silly honey would say.

  6. |Mother's'day for me is on June 1st but since my son is half french and half american people wish me both. My son's'father (we're separated) sent me a message to tell me he appreciated everything im doing to keep our boy safe, healthy and growing well behaved (yeah even if he only say few words and not complete sentences yet I taught him to say thank you and excuse me. he always says thank you when i give him something and excuse me. When im in the way and he wants to go through such a cutie) and love me for that ( we're cool separated parents lol. But im waiting for my son to be old enough (he's'only 20months) to make things himself.

  7. Tiga- That was a beautiful message he sent you! Keep up the good work with your son.

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