I'll Watch Him For Free!

I'll Watch Him For Free!

Last week, Dimeji and I went out the park and made friends with Katie and her three (out of four) children that were with her. Katie and I instantly connected and the kids played very well together. We exchanged numbers and planned to meet up at the park again since it's always better to meet friends at the park than just show up and hope for friendly parents and kids.

To my pleasant surprise Katie followed through and called for us to meet them at the park a few times. It never really worked out for us to go and join them, but I assured her that I still wanted her to keep me in mind and not to give up on me.

So this morning when she called it was perfect timing. Dimeji and I were dressed, we had just finished breakfast and the appointment we were rushing off to was canceled. In essence we were all dressed up with nowhere to go. I was very happy we were finally going to say yes.

Just like the first time, the kids played very well together and Katie and I had good conversation. I mentioned to her that I was going to put Dimeji into hourly care a few days a week since I need to get into the gym. We talked about her fabulous, I never work out figure and other military wife/mom things.

As we were getting ready to depart, she says, "If you want to just bring Dimeji over instead of taking him to hourly care, you can. I'm always at home with the kids so you can just bring him to us. It is closer and the kids get along so well..."

I was shocked. Mostly shocked that she offered out of the blue to watch him when I did not ask nor hint at wanting her to. So we talked about it a little, and she as well as her daughter absolutely insisted it would be no big deal, they are always baby sitting. Katie said it would actually make her load easier if her kids were occupied with Dimeji.

As I have tossed and turned the idea over in my mind today, I've fluctuated between feeling like, Thank you Lord for this provision! and also thinking, I would hate to impose. And then I finally thought, maybe I will take her up on her offer.

It would be nice to bypass dealing with the uncertainty of getting a spot in the hourly care. And having the option to just run a quick errand without Dimeji would be great. So I'm thinking I may say yes and see if I can get a work out in tomorrow.

This is such a blessing! Thank you Lord! Please bless Katie and her family. Pour out your favor and abundance in their lives and please intervene in whatever areas you see they stand in need of. Let me be a blessing to them or to others in the same way they have been a blessing to me.

In Jesus name,

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