Prerequisite For My Break Through?

Prerequisite For My Break Through?

Can following through on the findings from a previous breakthrough be considered a new breakthrough or is it just the prerequisite for a new one? That is the million dollar question today!

I recently ran across a blog I wrote, a year ago, on the epiphany I had the last time my husband was gone. As I read through what I wrote there, I ashamedly admitted to myself, "Sunshine you have not been following through!"

 The epiphany translated into a list of rules, which when followed, set me up for success in life and juggling my many roles. The list;

  • Take your duties at home seriously. It is your job. 
  • Get ready for work every day and be up before Dimeji aka Shea Baby.
  • Don’t be lazy!  Stop wasting time on unimportant things and get to work!
  • Plan to be baby free 20 hours a week and stick to it. 
  • Schedule  time to be out of the house, without the baby and without your husband seven hours a week.
  • Work out three times a week (out of the house, at the gym for at least 1.5 hours each time) Take your multi- vitamin daily.
  • Do not cook dinner and wash dishes each and every night, either it won’t get done on the days you take off or the husband can pitch in. You cannot do it all around the house, you are not the maid.
  • Take Sundays off. No cooking, no cleaning. Only resting and going to church.
  • Do things for yourself weekly, either take a long hot bath, have a glass of wine, paint your nails, get a pedicure, buy some make up, try a new hair style. Shoot for 72 minutes of me time daily, but don’t be mad if you don’t do it each and every day, just try.
  • Set a bed time and stick to it. (for me it is 10pm Sunday through Thursday)

When followed, this makes a huge, GIGANTIC difference. Yet somehow I have drifted very far from it and wonder why for two weeks back there in August I was sinking into depression. I began to belittle the importance of the list in comparison to "working towards my goals".

LOL! Now that I think about it, my reason for not following through on the list doesn't even make sense!

So now I'm wondering, "If I follow through on this, will I be experiencing a breakthrough or is this just the prerequisite for the new break through?"

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