Fall Fun Takes Over PeaceLoveSunshineCo.Etsy.com

Fall Fun Takes Over PeaceLoveSunshineCo.Etsy.com

Fall is my favorite time of year! Maybe it's all the holidays, the seasonal treats or the fact that I have a late August birthday, I don't know. There is just something about the change in weather and the color of the leaves that brings me to life. 

In honor of Fall, I've been crafting like crazy! Instead of just keeping it all to myself, I've decided to share it on my Etsy shop, PeaceLoveSunshineCo.etsy.com

Pictured here are Fall Goodie Bags. They each contain (1) four oz, Pumpkin Spice scented Whipped Shea Butter and a decorative candle which either says, "Leaves Falling, Autumn Calling" or "Hello Autumn".
The whipped Shea butter is in a seasonal tub with leaves dancing around it.

It's just $20 plus shipping and I am so in love with these little Goodie bags! It's the perfect little treat that reminds you to slow down, breathe, take time for yourself and enjoy the new season upon us.

It makes a great “Thinking of You” or “Just Because” or “Cheer Up” gift for anyone who could benefit from hearing from you today.

It also makes a great “Me-Time” gift to yourself. Just run the bath, light the candle and relax. Afterwards massage your skin with this creamy and moisturizing treat.

Great on feet, hands, elbows and any other dry spots. Can be used from head to toe.

Learn more here!

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