Rich, CEO, Natural Lover By Sunshine Abuwi April 13, 2020

Rich, CEO, Natural Lover By Sunshine Abuwi April 13, 2020

I hate that question. I don't know how long I have hated that word, but I do. Usually it’s one of my top executives asking the question (my sons) and it just irks the life out of me. 

“I’m going out for a walk.” I said lacing up my Nike’s. I wasn’t really saying it to either one of them in particular, just whoever heard it.

“Why?” asked Dimeji.

“Why?!” I responded with serious attitude. I was about to go into a rant about how much I hated being asked that question; how I go for a walk everyday so it’s not something new I am introducing into his life…

 I realized in that moment exactly WHY I really needed to go on that walk. I needed some time with the trees. You see I’m a nature loving girl. Something about the trees, the sky, the wind, the leaves, the birds, the smell of dirt...just gets me going. I feel so alive and so happy and so connected and so in tune with myself when I am able to sit with ,or walk in and commune with nature.

I've been doing alot of thinking about affirmations and making peace with where I am as a way of raising my vibration and or just not being so annoyed with where I am. I've been practicing the vibration of being annoyed, so long it's starting to get old. I am wanting to line up with joy, peace, abundance, satisfaction, love and happiness. 

In the past I had a hard time with affirmations because they just always felt so fake. Like when I am saying the words “I am a millionaire” I feel like a phony because I am not a millionaire yet. So I have been wanting to make daily affirmations that I believe; that are true; that are also forward thinking and also presently accurate.

It was on one of my walks that I accepted that I was rich. Already. Me. Rich. Rich because of my ability to find joy in nature. Rich because I have always believed that I brought value to the things I wear because it was me who was wearing it. I've never needed name brands to feel like a million bucks. Just stuff that made me feel good when wearing them. I like being in nice places because I feel like that’s where I belong. But I can make any space work, I can make anything work. Just give me a moment to put some “me” on it and it’s good. That's what makes me rich.

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