#Thankful #MomBoss

#Thankful #MomBoss

9:19 A.M.

My children are each seated at their desks in our learning room. Each working quietly on their school work. Each has on clean clothes, each has had a healthy breakfast, each has washed their face and brushed their teeth and each has their hair styled in a manner that makes me feel like a real #NaturalHairRockstar

I woke up on time.
I flossed my teeth.
I meditated.
I had my morning smoothie!!
I am dressed in a way that signals to my brain that I'm "ON".
I had a great talk with my man early this morning.
I took my multi-vitamin and allergy medicine.
I am on schedule.

All of the above makes me feel like a real #MomBoss. For which I am sooooooooo thankful.

Once weekly I speak with a non-medial counselor about how I am navigating all the changes occurring  as a result of the current world event. I love our conversations. They have seemingly replaced my pre-shut down weekly yoga class.

During one of those calls Queen Gale Ann said,

 Whenever I meet a woman I never ask if she works. I ask if she also works outside the home. All women work. Whether they punch a clock or not. They usually have to do all the hard work. The cooking, the house keeping. Remember back in the day, the women were the ones churning the butter and washing clothes by hand. All women work... Know your value.

Those words were soothing to me. They justified my idea of myself as a #MomBoss.

Just as I believe all women work, I also believe all moms are #MomBosses. Moms are juggling so much! Mom's do work that is usually not compensated for in tangible dollars but is so valuable. I have learned how to value myself and all the work I do on a daily basis. I took myself for granted in the past, but now I am valuing myself and hereby declare myself (aspiring)  #MomBoss Queen Sunshine.

I am a #MomBoss because my family is my first priority and because I believe taking care of my mental, physical, social and financial health is the is key to building the life I desire.

Any #MomBoss worth her salt is working daily towards achieving that sweet spot of home work life balance. Finding that sweet spot has been my desire for a long time;  to develop a schedule/routine/system that automated my life to a certain extent so I could accomplish my daily goals. Daily goals include: making my children feel loved and respected, achieving progress towards creative and enterprising goals, maintaining a clean environment and making healthy choices with food and exercise. Each goal holds significant value. Yet, knowing my children feel loved and respected is my utmost priority.

It was a journal entry, "On Your Mark, Get Set, Fart!" that helped me unpack how important that particular goal was for me as a #MomBoss and full time #Mompreneur; How not feeling like I was reaching that goal made me less productive. When I wrote that entry I was I was learning to balance feeling as loving as I wanted to feel while also feeling as disciplined and responsible as I wanted to feel. I was battling negative thoughts in my mind that kept me in a counterproductive holding pattern. I was working through the practice of casting down thoughts under the authority of Christ Jesus.    I am not alone in this.  Finding the sweet spot or balance between the two is a major learning area for many #MomBosses.

I shared my personal journal entry "On Your Mark, Get Set, Fart!  with my sister Queen Kimberly and her response was further justification to that point. Queen Kimberly said,

Your honest and raw story is every womans' story. I felt it! I could add my version and it would end like yours; how we selflessly gave of ourselves for our littles who depend on us. ...wonderful example of how to be victorious in spite of circumstances. When Daughter D* finally overcame her fears and rode her bike without training wheels, the other day, that moment was so beautiful and priceless. I'm grateful for the experience.

Queen Kimberly is one of my main inspirations. She is the epitome of a #MomBoss. She's focused on her health and practices self-care. She's a mom, she works full time as an educator, she maintains her own home and is also wrapping up her Doctorate degree. One day soon I'll be calling her Dr. Queen Kimberly. I can't wait. She motivates me and challenges me to align to my best self daily.

Tell me what makes you a #MomBoss in the comments section. I appreciate you being here :-)

Fellow #MomBoss,
Queen #SunshineAbuwi

P.S. Would you like a little more Sunshine? Click one of the links in the post to read the journal entry "On Your Mark, Get Set, Fart!" or to view my YouTube Vlog; "Maintaining a Routine Helps Lessen Depression Symptoms"

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