Today is Saturday May 2, 2020 and I am so excited about life right now! First and foremost the sun is shining. The birds in my neighborhood are in full effect and their beautiful singing is giving me life!

I've always loved the sunshine and enjoyed the birds' melodies that float endlessly into my window each day; but ever since the stay in place order, these blessings have meant so much more. 

I have a new level of appreciation for the simplest of things. I used to look forward to going to the gym or out to lunch with friends, now I look forward to seeing the sunshine in the morning (or afternoon, whenever it decides to grace us with its presence). I look forward to observing the new blooms on the trees or noticing all the birds nests hidden throughout my neighborhood. These gifts from heaven have been an anchor to my spirit these days.

This morning I looked up the word thrive. Its been slowly creeping into my vocabulary. I'm attracted to it.

  1. (of a child, animal, or plant) grow or develop well or vigorously.
    "the new baby thrived"
    • prosper; flourish.
      "education groups thrive on organization"

I wanted to title this post "How I Am Thriving During The Quarantine. I wanted to focus on how it is that I have managed to mostly feel good even with all that is going on. How I am utilizing this opportunity to improve myself and my state of being. So I looked up the word so that I had a clearer understanding of what I meant when I said "thriving". 

I am thriving because, like so many people have been saying all over Instagram, pulpits and other platforms, I embrace the idea that this is a time of new things.  A time of rebooting. A time of change. I keep hearing "normal will never be normal again". "We have to get ready for the new". It's time to do things differently." I embrace that thought and have encouraged myself to embark on the new in every way.

I am thriving because I encouraged myself to begin doing those things that have always lingered in the back of my mind as things that would be good for me. I am thriving because I got clear on my priorities. Not the ones that I wanted to be my priorities but the things that innately are.

I said to my eldest son just yesterday, when he asked me why I was not reacting the way I normally react to a specific stimulus.
"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. I have been responding that way for a long time and what has that gotten me?"

So, as is customary in my private daily journal, let's end this post with an affirmation...
Today I am thankful for my life.
Today I am thankful to be healthy and strong.
Today I am thankful my children are healthy, happy and here.
Today I am thankful my partner is healthy, happy and focused on our family.
Today I am looking forward to the new.
Today I am giving myself permission to be that new creation.
Today I am enjoying surprising new sources of income.
Today I am thriving!

I love the idea of focusing on why I am thriving as opposed to how. I would love to give you an opportunity to focus on that question in your own life. Why are you thriving right now? 
Please share. I love hearing from you.

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