Today I Am Contemplating Alignment

Today I Am Contemplating Alignment

Today I am thankful for the foundation on which I am creating my new brand! I am thankful to have naturalhairrockstar.com I am thankful for all the blogs I have pre-written. I am thankful for the length of hair I have and the dope undercut.

I am thankful for sunshineabuwi.com! Thankful it’s here. Thankful it’s been here for so long. 
I am tremendously thankful for the YouTube channel and following I have. I am thankful for the experiences I had of recording and editing and posting video content.

I am thankful for the experience of building NaturalSunshine.ning.com! I am thankful for the great connections that were made through that creation. 

I am so proud of and thankful for the platform Etsy. Thankful that I have an Etsy shop in good standing. With marvelous reviews. I am so thankful for the new super clean Shea Butter I have. I am thankful for the Argan oil I have. I am thankful for the containers and labels and Cutie Juice bottles. 

I am blessed beyond words to be standing in a place where I strongly desire 350k subscribers and I have all the experiences I have. I am so blessed to be starting from here. I am blessed because there are already in my midst so many like minded souls rooting for my success. Desiring my success with greater intensity than even I have myself.

I am thankful for the people and spirits who support me. I am thankful for the inspiration that moves me to action. I am thankful for the joy I feel while creating this desire.

Today I am in harmony with my desire.
Today I am feeling optimistic about my desire.
Today I am thankful for my desire.
Today I am closer to realizing my desire.
I love my subscribers.
I love interacting with my subscribers.
Today I am a mom boss.
Today I am a natural hair rock star.
Today I am relevant.
Today I am attractive.
Today I am a professional blogger.
Today I am sharing my preferences and perspectives.
Today I am valuing my preferences and perspectives.
Today I am excited to be here!

9 A.M. #IntheLife of #MomBoss #SunshineAbuwi

It’s 9:00A.M. in the life of #MomBoss #SunshineAbuwi It’s Day… like, thousand... of the stay in place order and I am thankful for my routine. Having one has been imperative to my success as a #MomBoss. What is a #MomBoss? A #MomBoss is a person taking care of herself, her child(ren), her home and her goals. Her family is her main priority but she also understands that she won’t be any good for anyone  if she's in poor health or dead! Therefore she manages her physical, emotional, social and financial health as her top priority.

#SunshineAbuwi hopes to inspire more moms to become #MomBosses by putting their health at the top of their list of priorities and goals. She hopes to inspire their amazing counterparts to support this goal.   

In today’s video #SunshineAbuwi is thankful for the fact that I  have  accomplished my first set of goals today by following my morning routine.  I am so in love with my new outfits from US.shein.com and looking forward to new clothes on the way from Fashionnova.com . This is my way of showing that even on a tight budget any woman can look good NOW!!! I am also hoping to demonstrate how it is possible to keep a workout routine even during quarantine. Also, always I am showing off my dope #NaturalHair . Utilizing products from my product line. I brought my dry hair back to life without having to wash it!!! 

Thanks for your love and support! You’re awesome :-)
Love, Sunshine Abuwi

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