Today I Am Enjoying Being Seen From This Point Of View

Today I Am Enjoying Being Seen From This Point Of View

Today I am enjoying being seen from this point of view.
I am beautiful
I am a mom
I am the boss
I am thankful
I am happy
I am joyful
I am free
I am powerful
I am confident
I am here to remind others of who they are
I am here to help my people leave behind the perceptions they have picked up along their physical journey that has thwarted their joy and power
I am a woman
I am a wife
I am a sister
I am a neighbor
I am a friend
I am rich

Just a thought...What if the birds aren’t flying. They’re just standing on the possibilities not yet claimed. The atmosphere is so thick with it they just let it carry them and they hold out their wings because it’s fun. 

Natural Hair Vlogger Making & Drinking My Morning Smoothie #Reality #SunsineAbuwi

In this very entertaining and informative video #naturalhair vlogger Sunshine Abuwi brings you into my #reality by way of my morning smoothie  routine. As a meal replacement for breakfast (and sometimes lunch) I make this smoothie recipe “Banana Matcha Smoothie” I found on fitfoodiefinds.com I have added the protein to this recipe to make it a meal. Otherwise I follow this recipe almost exactly. As a natural hair enthusiast I am so excited about the upcoming Virtual Natural Hair Meet-Up I am co-hosting with the Naturally Influential DMV group! It’s Saturday May 16 on Zoom from 5-6p.m. EST. After my smoothie I'm getting ready to record the video, “Why It’s Important to Me That YOU attend the Natural Hair Meet-up next Saturday!”

Here’s the flow of the video; at these times I discuss the following
Matcha Green Tea Powder (KOS Brand) 3:03 and 5:52
Coconut Milk 4:12
Plant based protein powder 4:16
Coconut Milk & I LOVE Calcium 5:06
Frozen Bananas 7:02
Spinach is a good mood food 7:35
Flax Seeds Great source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids 9:04
Vanilla Extract 12:00
Smoothie Complete & Pouring into Cup 14:00
Tasting & Discussing Flavor 14:33
Do it With a Straw, It’s So much Better! 16:00
Sipping Smoothie while furniture shopping 17:13

Thank you for your Love and Support!

@PeaceLoveSunshineCo = New Instagram
@NaturalSunshine_ Current Instagram

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