Today I Am Holding  Onto Hope

Today I Am Holding Onto Hope

Today I Am Holding Onto Hope
By Queen Sunshine Abuwi
Thursday May 14, 2020

Today I am holding onto hope.
I am reminding myself of where I started for the purpose of being thankful for how far I have come.
Today I am acknowledging that I am on a journey. That while yes, I have goals, yes I have desires yet to be fulfilled; that I am making progress daily. Perhaps the progress is so small that it hardly seems worth acknowledging, but it’s here.

Today as a part of holding to hope I am choosing to celebrate!
Progress is here.
Focus is here.
Determination is here.

Today I am thankful thankful for progress.
Today I am thankful for growing confidence.
Today I am holding  tightly to the mustard seed of hope planted so long ago.

Today I am thankful for all I have.
Today I am appreciating how far I have come.
I am loving where I am in my journey.
I am expecting solutions to present themselves.
I am expecting to feel satisfied today.

Today will be a success!
Today I WILL be the mom I want to be.
I WILL be the boss I want to be.
Today I will keep up the momentum.
Today I will run and not grow weary.
Today I will overcome all obstacles.

I will triumph today!
Today I am holding on to hope.
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