Today I Am Remembering My Blessings

Today I Am Remembering My Blessings

Today I am Remembering My Blessings
By Queen Sunshine Tuesday May 12, 2020
Today I am remembering all my many blessings because there are so many to cherish! Today I am remembering the many prayers I’ve prayed that have been answered and whose answers I am enjoying today.

I am thankful to live in the state of Maryland.

Thankful for my backyard.

Thankful for all the trees in my neighborhood.
Thankful for the sunshine.
Thankful for freedom.
Thankful for my nice new vehicle.
Thankful for my friends.
Thankful my children have each other.
Thankful for my husband.
Thankful for my health.
Thankful for my beautiful spacious nicely decorated home.
Thankful for my washer and dryer.
Thankful for the abundance of food we have.
Thankful for my grill.
Thankful for peace of mind.
Thankful for my morning routine.
Thankful for healthy teeth and gums.
Thankful for healthy stress relief activities.
Thankful for YouTube.
Thankful for blogger.
Thankful for Shein.com.

Thankful for fashionnova.com.
Thankful for money in the bank.
Thankful for income.
Thankful for crypto currency.
Thankful for good warm weather.
Thankful for grace.
Thankful for mercy.
Today I am remembering all the many things I have to be thankful for. All the miracles that have happened on my behalf. All the behind the scenes working in my favor.
Today I am looking forward to seeing more things working out for me. I am expecting good moments of joy today. Today I expect to be productive and calm. Today I expect to feel rich all day. Today is going to be a great day. I don’t know what’s going to happen but it’s gonna feel really good and I am so thankful for the opportunity to receive the well-being that is flowing to me consistently.


Bless Sunshine Today!
Who is #SunshineAbuwi? ...a #MomBoss. What is a #MomBoss? A #MomBoss is a person taking care of herself, her child(ren), her home and her goals. Her family is her main priority but she also understands that she won’t be any good for anyone  if she's in poor health or dead! Therefore she manages her physical, emotional, social and financial health as her top priority.

#SunshineAbuwi hopes to inspire more moms to become #MomBosses by putting their health at the top of their list of priorities and goals. She hopes to inspire their amazing counterparts to support this goal.   In today’s video I hope to demonstrate what types of foods I eat that are delicious and nutritious. I also hope to demonstrate ways I male my life easier by buying some items pre-made and also buying in bulk.

Thanks for your love and support! You’re awesome :-)
Love, Sunshine Abuwi
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