Today I Want...

Today I Want...

Today I Want…
By Queen Mother Sunshine
June 3, 2020

Today I want to brainstorm a video schedule that allows me to focus my perspective for the creation of $100k immediately. Instantly is even better.

I want to practice thanks for evolving into a beautiful, strong, peaceful, woman,  mom, and being. 

I want to emerge as a brand as a movement as a symbol of progress and hope. 

I want naturals wanting to buy hair products from black women to... serve me AND translate into 100k immediately. I want the 100k to provide clothes, supplies and moving capabilities to Atlanta. I want the 100k to easily morphe into multiple millions effortlessly. I want assets that translate into benefits when wanted.

I want a friend who is a lawyer who wants a friend who is an influencer. 

I want to inspire my audience to confidence and love and joy and peace and wealth. 

I want to focus my perspective into the creation of $100k that effortlessly grows to multiple millions of dollars that allows freedom of movement. Freedom of expression. Freedom to delegate tasks to qualified helpers. 

Plan to Join Me on Instagram LIVE Saturday! Hot Topic: The Crown Act

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