Managing Social & Economic Health |What is Autonomy?

Managing Social & Economic Health |What is Autonomy?

My dream is to live a long independent life, grow fabulously grey and be an asset to my family as our sons raise children of their own. Pretty much I want to be an Urban Nana. A super fit and active Nana who enjoys her grandkids. I also want to accomplish financial independence and abundance through work that satisfies my heart's calling. To reach my goal I follow a health plan affectionately called, The “Family First, Business Second, But Really, Me First!” Plan. 

But really, Me First Plan” because even though having a loving family is my main goal in life and having a successful career is second, I won’t be any good for anyone or anything if I’m in poor health or dead! This requires me to manage my physical, emotional and social health as my top priority!The social aspect of my health will be maintained by the relentless pursuit of my educational and career goals. It is very important to me to reach my potential in my career, not only so I can be a role model to my children and grandchildren, but also so I can be proud of the woman I am. I believe that sense of pride will enable me to make and pursue meaningful relationships with others. I intend to join professional organizations and use my career as the common ground on which I make friends and create a satisfying social network. 

Therefore, my plan requires me to continue my education until I have earned the credentials necessary to launch my desired career. As a mom who is starting later than most, I have chosen an online school for my undergraduate degree since it enables me the flexibility to keep my family first. When my undergraduate degree is complete my youngest son will be ready for full-day kindergarten which will give me more flexibility when making the choice for graduate studies.
Finally, I learned throughout this course the need for autonomy as a prerequisite to emotional and social health. “Autonomy is one of the three basic psychological needs which are necessary for optimal growth and well-being” (Legault 2). I believe that by accomplishing my educational and career goals, I will gain true autonomy. Through my earning potential and ability to stand on my own as an independent woman, I  will fully blossom and hold my head up high. 

My decision to get into school at this age was in large part influenced by unhappiness and wanting more out of life. My best friend from high school recently came back into my life and I remembered all the plans I once had for myself. She reminded me of the teeneger I once was and how back then my future seemed so bright. I believed in myself. Once I confessed to her how dissatisfied I was, she asked me two simple questions. “What do you want?” “What do you need to do to get it?” The answer was, in so many words, autonomy. How to get it was through an education. And here I am! A student in an online University! I am committed to make my teenage self proud.
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