Morning Matters

Morning Matters

Today has been a complete, total, success and I haven’t even gotten dressed yet.

I have experienced the beauty that is my life when I have consistently awakened early and had time with myself.

Time before anyone says good morning.
Time before I, even, look at my physical self in the mirror.
Time before I see bank balances or messages from friends.
Time where the only things that exist are my pure thoughts.

My preferences.

My perspectives.

Time where my beliefs are unchallenged.

And in that time I feel powerful.

I feel strong.

I remember my story.

And my story is…

This is my life in the sunshine. This is the story of a Natural Hair Rockstar building multiple, million dollar brands and juggling my roles of wife and mom. 

I am following the "Me First Plan". 

I am a millionaire. I am confident, secure and worthy of abundance. I have several streams of easy, joyful, satisfying, income. I am living the life I always wanted as  manager of a healthy, happy, successful family. 

I am the embodiment of my brand and I enjoy seeing beautiful women living their best lives. 

Expressing the full range of being queens. 

Exhibiting sass, beauty, faith, rhythm, and style. 

I want to see that, be that and encourage that.

I chose my role as Queen Mother Sunshine and I am here to enjoy it.

I come to this knowing, this remembering, every morning. This is why Morning Matters so Much.


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