New?! Start Here.

New?! Start Here.

Hi, I’m Sunshine Abuwi! Wife, Mom, Natural Hair Rockstar, Online Entrepreneur, Success Coach, Friend, Writer, Vlogger, Creator and Modern Day Proverbs 31 Woman. I like to think of myself as living on purpose and so far these are the purposes I have aligned with. 

Loving, supporting and building my healthy, happy family.
Learning to be confident in my Kinky Curly Afro textured crown.
Creating multiple streams of easy, joyful, satisfying income.
Feeling confident, secure and worthy of abundance.
Sharing all I learn with those who are seeking this information.

I’ve been sharing my life online over ten years as a motivational YouTube Vlogger, and YouTube Reality Show star. From my show with my husband , “On the Couch with Sunshine and M”, to videos of my now eleven year old when he was just ten weeks old; to sharing intimate moments on my battle with depression and anxiety. 

During the ten years, I took a few breaks from consistent streaming and focused more closely on the health, happiness and success of my family. I used to see those breaks as a sign of weakness, I now celebrate them as signs of my dedication to my family thus solidifying my status as a #Mompreneur. I AM a Entrepreneur, but a mom and wife first and foremost.

There is no denying however, my natural connection with my audience and the easy success I have on the wonderful platforms of YouTube and Blogger. I feel like I was born to be a Vlogger; to humbly share my journey as a mom, wife, online entrepreneur and spiritual being. I have fallen in love with sharing my life in this way and can’t imagine a successful version of my life without it.

Welcome to my Life In The Sunshine! I’m glad you’re here. If you are seeking a connection with a humble being trying to live her best life and share her jewels as she collects them, you’re in the right place.

For 2021, I am inspired to share the “scripts” I wrote in 2020 that helped me make it though quarantine as a single mom of two. Not only do I credit these scripts with keeping me sane through that challenging time, I also believe these scripts helped me break through a glass ceiling in my feelings of confidence, security and worthiness. The collection of scripts are “Scripting Like a MomBoss Volume One” and “Scripting Like a MomBoss Volume Two”. Volume One got me out of a mental rut and Volume Two pushed me to accept and don my crown as Queen Mother Sunshine. I’ll be sprinkling them here on the website and offering  downloadable E:Guides Spring 2021.

Connecting with you here and now is a result of those scripts and I am thankful! So sit back, scroll through the many blogs and videos that span the last decade of my life. I hope something resonates and simply by observing my processes, perspectives and preferences you are inspired in your own journey. Can’t wait to connect wth you in the comments. 

Your new friend,

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