Breakfast Time Shenanigans & Billionaire Kid Problems

Breakfast Time Shenanigans & Billionaire Kid Problems

Good Morning, Queens

Like I always say, good days begin with good mornings and good mornings begin with good nights. 

I am at the beginning (or end, depending how you look at it) of a good day! 

Hope you are too.

This morning started off with a delicious, sweet, "quiet time". I awoke while it was still dark. So dark in fact, I struggled to hear even the faintest of birds songs… it was that early. The only sound I could hear was the gentle breathing of my King. I was comforted by his presence. I was thankful he was still slumbering. 

I read for 30 minutes; taking notes on things that inspired me. Journaled through some thoughts. And then it happened! It’s the thing I look for each morning. My reward for preparing the previous night. It’s the benefit of being disciplined enough to rise so early.

A great thought entered my mind!

The thought was the answer to a question I’ve been meditating on for forever. And in the stillness of this morning, just like the elusive Northern Cardinal, this thought popped out from the beautiful scenery of my mind. It stood there for a moment, for me to observe and appreciate.

I meditated for 15 minutes. Then it was time to start the day.

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Breakfast Time Shenanigans By #TeamAbuwi

Breakfast was prepared. 

Waffles. Fresh Fruit. Yoghurt. Honey Butter. Warm Maple Syrup.

I lovingly informed everyone it was time to eat. M, smiled at this welcome into the day and immediately  began praising me for my efforts. 

The boys… not so much.

They responded with cries for more sleep and touted the injustices of the world at having to come to the dining table.

M immediately jumped into defense of his Queen. He argued how much energy, time and effort his Queen had poured into the breakfast spread.

To which, Teen Shea replied, “Dad, Mom really didn’t work that hard on breakfast. It’s waffles and fruit.”

I just had to laugh.

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Billionaire Kid Problems

Walking to the bus stop this morning, Teen Shea recounted his horrible morning. 

I’m laying in bed, enjoying my last few minutes of sleep when mom comes in the room and says ‘time to get ready for breakfast’. I think to myself,


Okay, I’ll just take a few more minutes then I’ll go.


But no.


Dad comes in, ‘Grrrrr. Get ready for breakfast. Now! Grrrrrr’


And then I had to get out of bed and go eat breakfast.

(End recount.) 

To which I responded,

Sounds like you have Billionaire Kid Problems

To which he replied,

 What are Billionaire Kid Problems?

After a little thought I said,

When that story, is the worst part of your morning , sounds like you've got a great life. So those must be Billionaire Kids Problems.


I know among all you Millionaire Moms, there are other stories about our Billionaire Kids' Problems. Please share! I'd love another reason to celebrate these beautiful lives we're nurturing.

~Much Love,

Queen Sunshine

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