Life For Me Would Be More Productive & Joyful If I Accomplished THIS Today!

Life For Me Would Be More Productive & Joyful If I Accomplished THIS Today!

Peace Queens & Good Morning Millionaire Moms Club Members! Thank you for downloading the Manifesto and making that investment in yourself. You deserve it.

✨💎(If you haven’t already, Join the Club! )💎✨

As you prepare for a good week, fueled by your recommitment to your goals, stop and contemplate this thought question ;

Your answer might be any of the following:

💎Cleaned the kitchen.

💎Did laundry so the kids have 5 clean outfits complete with socks and underwear.

💎Washed bed linens.

💎Washed and styled my child’s hair.

💎Meal Prepped.

💎Sat down with my journal and mapped out the week’s dinner ideas.

💎Ran to the grocery store for breakfast items for tomorrow.

💎Said to someone I value; “I know I committed to this event/call/outing today, but I need to cancel. There are some things I’d like to accomplish today to set my family up for success this week.”

As you contemplate this thought question, zero in on your TOP THREE TASKS and make it your goal to GET IT DONE! 


Maybe you can realistically do one, maybe two! But don’t aim for more than three. THREE is the maximum amount of tasks you should attempt to accomplish today. 

Hope this helps you with your recommitment to your goals! 

Much love,


Millionaire Moms Club President


Yep, you read that right! It's ready! The club we have all have been waiting for. The club we all want to be a part of. The place for likeminded moms who are headed in the same direction. That direction being the creation of our successful brands.

Millionaire Moms Club on Ning is an exclusive community for moms who want it all! A successful family. Health. And the time, energy and support to build their successful brands. 

Join the club!

Once you register you will have a free two week trial to determine if your participation in our club will be of value to you in the pursuit of your goals. 

  • Your monthly membership dues provide you access to our weekly, private meetings on Zoom; 
  • Unlimited access to our community on Ning. 
  • Access to Members Only, exclusive content from Network Creator, Sylvia Sunshine Abuwi on YouTube. 
  • Your membership makes the community more sustainable as we continue to grow and expand.

If you have already joined the Millionaire Moms Club spiritually and have been following along with us on YouTube, consider officially joining the club! 

Start your membership today! Pay your monthly fees and know that you are part of the expansion of this club.

Thank you for being here. We are stronger together!

Much Love,
Queen Sunshine

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