She Can Who Thinks She Can

She Can Who Thinks She Can


Peace Queens!

During my morning routine I was re-reading through Your Forces And How To Use Them by Christian D. Larson. I came into contact with this book around three years ago and I have read various chapters numerous times. 

Much like re-reading through the Millionaire MMOOMMs Club Manifesto, each time I come away with a new idea or I relate to the content in a new way. This makes sense of course. Each time I read it, I myself am a new version of me. Each time I approach any content, in the moment of the interaction, I am a different version of myself. Having experienced the growth and development of myself between each sitting, I come to the information anew. So as I read chapter nine in the book, "He Can Who Thinks He Can" it was almost as though I had never seen this chapter in the book before. 

I eagerly dove into the chapter salivating over each word. They were so spot on! They were so relevant. 

Chapter 9
She Can Who Thinks She Can

When failure comes be more determined than ever to succeed. The more feeling there is in your thought the greater its power. You steadily and surely become in the real what you constantly and clearly think that you are in the ideal. The more you believe in yourself the more of your latent powers and possibilities you place in action. And the more you believe in your purpose the more of your power you apply in promoting that purpose.

To she who thinks she can, everything is an opportunity. Depend only upon yourself but work in harmony with all things. Thus you call forth the best that is in yourself and secure the best that external sources have to give.

I hope this inspires you!
~Queen Sunshine

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