There Is A Tree Outside My Window

There Is A Tree Outside My Window

There is a tree outside my bedroom window. The tree is so close, I could touch a branch if I opened the window and reached out my hand. I love this tree. It’s proximity to my window means I get an up close and personal look at my favorite birds. All day, the birds sing and I can hear their sweet melodies drifting into my room.

However, my favorite thing about the tree is the flowers. Beautiful flowers, in my favorite shade of pink, that bloom each summer. The beauty of the flowers and the joy I feel in observing them cannot adequately be described by me in words so I won’t even attempt to do so. All I can say is I find these flowers so beautiful and awe inspiring that on multiple occasions I have been inspired to draw them! I recall drawing the flowers with my eldest son a few summers ago. I still remember the accuracy of his drawing and the inaccuracy of mine. 

Right now though, to look at this beloved tree outside my window it would be hard for anyone who hasn’t seen it in bloom to believe the beauty this tree produces. 

Right now, in the place where beautiful, pink flowers in abundance, WILL be, today there are just branches that seem almost bare. The seeds or buds on the tree, that today are brown and closed up tight, almost dead looking, will soon be so transformed that when you  see them in their future condition  you would have a hard time believing they were ever capable of appearing as dead and unpromising as they do today.  And when I compare myself or my life to this tree I am inspired by the comparison. For there are things in my future that today, right now, might look like the tree.

This is true of me, true of all of us, and true of many circumstances . If we only look at the present day reality of a thing it can cause us to feel discouraged or disillusioned or hopeless. But if we could only find a glimmer of hope to believe that ONE DAY the seeds we are planting, the little buds that may look dead today, WILL, in due time, produce an abundance of beauty that cannot be described by us in words. If we can just imagine that future version of what we are looking at today, then  we can hold on. 

Every day as I think about things I'm wanting or hoping for or trusting for I think about the pink summer blossoms on the tree. I think that just as I must patiently wait for the beautiful flowers  to arrive, I must patiently wait for those things to arrive too. In the meantime however, I find the beauty that exists in that tree even today. 

Even while I'm waiting for the pink flowers of the future I learn to enjoy the little buds; watching them open and close each day depending on the weather.  I watch the various birds who still use this tree as a source of shelter or food or as a nice place to sit and sing. I enjoy the way the branches are always pointing upwards as though in praise to its creator. I appreciate that even without the beauty of its flowers this tree is still here. Proud . Standing strong. 

I'm so excited about my personal and spiritual  pink flowers that are on the way.

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