Millionaire Mom Life Problems...When "Faking It" Still Doesn't Work.

Millionaire Mom Life Problems...When "Faking It" Still Doesn't Work.

Peace Queens,

In today's heart felt vlog,  What To Do When You Can’t Fake It Anymore, 5 Tips To Bounce Back I mentioned that leading up to my rut, I was "faking it". I was attempting to ignore the signals my mind and body were giving me, which indicated I needed to rest. 

The following, is the blurb mentioned in the vlog. It was written the day before I finally threw my hands up in surrender and stayed in bed all day. This was a day where I realized, "faking it" or forcing myself to go through the motions, just wasn't going to cut it anymore. I needed to "sit down!". 

I mentioned in the video that I would share the graphic and little blog...so without further delay...


Peace Queens, 

Sunshine here and I have a problem! I’m hoping you can help, relate or at least take me seriously.

I tried to talk to (my husband) M about it, but his response was, “that would make a great book title!”

Shaking my head.

And although I appreciate and obviously took his advice to make a blog out of it, I’m still dealing with this issue.

Here’s the story. As part of my commitment to live the Millionaire Mom Club Manifesto, each day I get dressed in a way that turns me on. I live by the motto, dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

But what happens when the job you want comes with a salary that enables you the luxury to delegate chores, and the job you have is doing those chores (insert puzzled looking emoji here!)

And therein lies my problem!

(A week later…)

Even though I was taking a light hearted approach to how I was feeling on this particular day, I was dealing with the struggle of learning to interpret my own emotions. Or maybe learning to listen to myself instead of blindly forging ahead no matter what. Yes! I want to succeed. I want to reach my goals, but I need to learn to pace myself. It’s a life long lesson I think.


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Much Love,
Queen Sunshine

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